3 of 7 Project's Video Courses

This is where you will find all current and upcoming video courses offered by 3 of 7 Project. Here at 3 of 7 Project we spend our lives mastering and maintaining the body, soul, and spirit so that we can live a fulfilled life on earth. Our mission is to share as much of that with you as possible. One way that we do that is through these video courses, please check them out and let us know what you think!

Range Series

This video series is the most complete package available. With over 90 minutes of professional instruction from retired Navy SEAL Chadd Wright. The tactics and lessons taught here will without a doubt make you a safer more well rounded shooter.


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Nuff Said Running Video Course


 Prepare. Plan. Execute.

NUFF SAID Complete Running course is here to save you time, money and risk from chronic running injuries. With over 3 hours of teaching, we are here to teach you basic and advanced skills to conquer your running goals, big or small.  - Chadd Wright

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